HB Series Ring Blower

The difference between RB series and HB series is, HB series is a new one with material made of die cast AL alloy. So they will be a better appearence. The feature is that they will be with bigger air pressure.
HB series can be served in various fields, such as air supply for incinerator, gas furnace, the transferring of the small particles, die casting machine, plating bath, make artificial manure with the fermentative animal muck, the instant noodle processing production line, to supply the air to the farming pool, bottle washer, transfer the rice hull, dry up the paper of the printer, clean tanker, automatic knitter, medical bathtub, mold cleaner, dry up the electronic plate with the air. And also it can be used for air suction, such as in printing machine, punching machine, food processed machine, welding machine, etc.